"A Legecy of Servitude"

"The Church, Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Christ Is Lord, ever so in Blackbottom"


Aerobics & Exercise
 - exercise classes for all adults – male and female (Sis. Sinadia Gailyard)

Benevolence Ministry - tries to assist persons who have problems and need financial assistance.  Should the need arise, after you are fellowship, contact your deacon and he will make the necessary referral to the benevolence ministry.

Big Brother/Big Sister - assigned as the Pastor sees fit.  The big brother/sister is a confidant who can walk you through whatever you are going through – they have the insight that can put you on or keep you on the right track.  Your big brother/sister knows the meaning of confidentiality.

Brotherhood - St. Joseph Brotherhood Ministry: open to all men,  to establish and sustain a network of men who will support the Ministry of Jesus Christ, the vision and values of our Pastor and recommend strategies to create that embrace unity amongst men, the fellowship of men who support the ministry of our Christian walk, and the furtherance of God’s Kingdom., and available for what the Pastor advises. (Leader - Rev. Fred King, President-Bro. Foster Allen)

Building for Christian Womanhood
  -  (B.F.C.W.*)  -  a class taught on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM to teach young ladies Christian virtues; i.e. the proper way to dress, the way to carry themselves in public, how to speak to others, how to exhibit Christian attitudes, etc. (Sis. Cheryl Butler, facilitator)

Bulletin Ministry - Provides all forms of printed material for distribution to the church.  (Sis. Pat Hutchinson, leader)

Chess Ministry - Bro. Willie Jackson is an excellent chess player.  He holds classes to teach the game and will/can hold games at set times for those interested.

Church School - EVERY DISCIPLE of St. Joseph is automatically enrolled in Church School.  In Church School you learn what the scriptures say about various situations in life; i.e. biblical examples of what every Christian should strive to become.  (Dea. Anthony Glover, Superintendent; Rev. Fred King, Assistant)

Church Training Union (C.T.U.) - EVERY DISCIPLE of St. Joseph is also enrolled in C.T.U.  These classes teach how to live the life of the scriptures that are taught in Church School (Practical Application) (Rev. Theodore Johnson, Minister of Education)

Clerical Staff - all forms of clerical work.  Let us know what you can do and we can include you in our volunteer roster (if you wish).  Contact Sis. Pat Hutchinson, Senior Pastor Rhim Administrative Assistant)

Clothing Ministry - gathering and distribution of donated clothing.  CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO CONTRIBUTE. (904)356-2359

Computer Ministry - This ministry is responsible for all repairs/upgrades needed – both hardware and software.  If you have skills, contact the church office to volunteer.

Counseling Ministry – This ministry is special to all of St. Joseph.  Many problems arise – in marriages, family life, chemical dependencies, etc.  A counselor is assigned after the deacon of the individual refers their problem to Pastor Rhim.  He assigns the counselor for the specific need and ALL counseling sessions are kept private; Pastor Rhim and the counselors understand the importance of confidentiality.

Couples Ministry - a ministry designed specifically for married couples.  Their activities are spiritually based fun activities to married couples of all ages.

Culinary Ministry - responsible for all prepared meals served at St. Joseph.  These are persons who have proven to be excellent cooks and professional servers.  (Dea. Willie Hackley).



New disciples please note you must be fellowship before actively participating in a ministry.  It is okay to gather information from the contact persons, if you are interested in a specific ministry.  In addition, please work your schedule so that you can attend the Lord’s Supper service. This is a very important service.

  1 Corinthians Chapter 11 v 23 thru 26   


Grief Counseling Ministry
 - Oftentimes, the loss of a loved one is more devastating to some than others.  Our grief counseling ministry is trained to counsel, listen, and be available to the bereaved.  (Sis. Cora Hackley is leader of this ministry also.)

Health Awareness Ministry - In the event you have noticed a nurse sitting in the choir loft during worship service, she’s on duty.  Emergencies occur everywhere and we want to be prepared to medically assist our disciples as needed.  Many times their care has led to EMS units coming in and taking persons to the nearest medical facility.  (The leader is Sis. Felicia Brinkley.)

Home Bible Study/Tape Ministry - This ministry and the Sick & Confined Ministry work hand-in-hand.  As the ministry visits, there are opportunities to discuss the scriptures along with sharing a CD, DVD, or cassette of a worship service.  So the Home Bible Study/Tape Ministry performs this task.  (Both the Home Bible Study/Tape Ministry and the Sick & Confined Ministry are led by Rev. James Fisher.)


Home-ownership Ministry - This ministry was formed at the onset of the massive foreclosures around the country.  They assist homeowners through the process by 1) trying to save the home by working with the lender to reduce payments, 2) provide budget counseling, and 3) assist with counseling for those who are going through bankruptcy.  They have many other services and are available to all of Jacksonville.  (Sis. La'Tasha Green-Cobb is the leader.)

Hospitality Ministry - The group of disciples are our greeters.  Each week they stand at the front door to greet our visitors and make them feel welcome.  (Sis. Arlinda Rahim is leader.)

HTR Singers - This group of all MALE singers serve as our Male Chorus.  Pastor Rhim has asked God for 100 men to lift their voices in praise to God.  He’s not looking for “singers”, but men who will not be ashamed to praise God by making a joyful “noise”.  Dea. Darryl Alston is the leader of the Music Ministry – all choirs)

Insight Bible Class - This class is open to all adult disciples of St. Joseph.  In this class Pastor Rhim facilitates the scriptures expository on specific subjects, in a manner that is easy for everyone to understand.  You can ask question after question until you are satisfied with the teachings.  This class provides in-depth study of God’s Word and meets Monday nights from October to June each year. 

Instrumental Ensemble - This ministry is open to youth and adults who play a musical instrument.  They are newly re-organized and play at least twice a month.  Bro. Frank Murphy is director. 

Security Ministry - Another important ministry for those who worship at St. Joseph.  Our security personnel provide the needed/required security of your vehicle while you worship.  In cases of our elderly and handicapped disciples, they will allow you to disembark your vehicle at the walkway and they will park your vehicle for you and bring you the keys.  After worship is over, they will retrieve your vehicle when you come out and give them your keys.

Senior Women’s Ministry - This group of young ladies aged 55 +.  The purpose of this ministry is MISSION & EVANGELISM.  In addition to mission inside and outside St. Joseph there are also opportunities to evangelize.  (Sis. Pat Hutchinson is President)

Sick & Confined Ministry - This ministry is charged with visiting the sick disciples of our church (in addition to the other mission ministries).  When people are sick for a lengthy period of time, sometimes they become depressed because visits are seldom.  This ministry ensures this is not the case.  If you have the propensity for visiting sick & confined persons, this may be a ministry for you…. (Rev. James Fisher is leader)

Social Justice Ministry - This ministry gets involved when disciples and their family members have problems with law enforcement, evictions, and other disagreeable issues.  They are commissioned by the pastor and acts only when he instructs.  (Bro. Leroy Brantley, Bro. Ernest Thomas, & Sis. Joanne Hay is the ministry’s members).   

Special Support Ministry - This ministry works with persons in the congregation who have addictions – alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.  This is a confidential ministry and persons are assigned to this ministry based on the pastor’s recommendation ONLY.  Their meeting time and place is not divulged to the congregation.  (Rev. Warren Bonner is facilitator)

Transition Ministry - This ministry was created just for new disciples.  When new converts place their discipleship at St. Joseph at a time when the Pastor’s Salvation Class is already under way, they are placed in the transition ministry to “hold” them until Salvation Class opens.  This ministry and the New Disciples Ministry work hand-in-hand to make the new converts comfortable in their new church.

Ushers Ministry - This ministry is open to all disciples, adult women & men, as well as youth.  These disciples assist the congregation with the various needs, i.e. finding seating, providing fans and programs, etc.  Sis. Shirley Stills is leader of the Adult Women Ushers, Bro. Henry Miley is leader of the Adult Men Ushers, and the youth ushers are under the umbrella of the Youth Enrichment Ministry.***

Women’s Intermediate Ministry - - This group of young ladies aged 36 – 55.  The purpose of this ministry is MISSION & EVANGELISM.  In addition to mission inside and outside St. Joseph there are also opportunities to evangelize.  (Sis. Margaret Anderson is President)

Youth Enrichment Ministry *** - All youth, up to age 18, are automatically placed in the Youth Enrichment Ministry (District #5) after fellowship. Their activitiesinclude Church School, CTU, choir, ushers, drama, pantomime, dance, instrumental ensemble and the hospitality ministry.  All of their activities are under the leadership of Rev. Rickie Simon, Jr., Youth Pastor. 


Dance Ministry - open to all youth and adults who wish to participate in the spiritual dance ministry.  This ministry allows disciples to exercise their creative talent.

Deacons Ministry – The pastor chooses men to serve as deacons.  They perform the instructions from the pastor.  Each district is led by a deacon (except the Youth Enrichment Ministry, led by Rev. Rickie Simon, Jr., Youth Pastor).  Currently we have 11 districts led by deacons and 5 additional deacons who have specific assignments other than leading a district.

Deaconess Ministry – Deaconesses are the wives of deacons and ministers who wish to serve in this capacity.  In addition, other ladies may be added at the pastor’s discretion.  Their role includes, but is not limited to dressing baptism candidates, preparing for the Lord’s Supper, and many other obligations.  These are outlined by the President, Sis. Debora Steele.

Discipleship Counseling – The pastor chooses men and women to serve as discipleship counselors.  These persons have demonstrated knowledge of the scriptures and have developed a caring heart to lead men, women, boys, & girls to Christ.  At the invitation, these counselors speak with candidates as they come for whatever reason – Baptism, Christian Experience, etc.

Drama Ministry - open to all youth and adults who wish to participate and exercise their talent in acting.  In addition to acting, there is always a need for background persons; staging, costumes, etc.  (Bro. Ernest Thomas, leader)

Education Ministry – Involved in all phases of Christian and secular education.  Rev. Theodore Johnson is the Minister of Education and is responsible for all classes taught at St. Joseph.  The secular phase of the ministry deals with our students in all aspects of their educational journey – from kindergarten to college.  Sis. Mozella Jackson is the coordinator of the ministry.

Employment Ministry - Provides assistance to disciples of the church in their quest for employment.  We are currently in need of a facilitator for this ministry.  Each time we enlist the aid of an employment technician, they move on to bigger and better employment opportunities (out of the city).

Evangelism Ministry - One of the most important ministries in the Missionary Baptist church.  Acts 1:8 gives us our marching orders to win others to Christ and this we do as an organized ministry.  Rev. James Fisher is the leader of the ministry.  This ministry is open to all who have zeal to witness Christ to others.

Finance Ministry - This is another important ministry.  Pastor Rhim chooses the members of the ministry according to their display of honesty, availability, and ability to handle money.  Sis. Juanita Bacon is Chairwoman of Finance.

Funeral Ministry - This important ministry assists our disciples at one of the hardest moments in our lives.  When a disciple, or an immediate member of a disciple’s family goes home to be with the Lord, the funeral ministry is available to guide them through all phases of the funeral experience; assistance with choosing a funeral home, assistance with choices to be made, and guidance in preparing the printed program.  We do have specific guidelines for home going services of which the ministry will advise as needed.  In addition, we have a mortician in our membership -McKinney Family Funeral Home, Bro. Reginald McKinney is owner.  Needless to say, we suggest to all disciples to use his service if you have not already made plans to utilize another facility.  (Sis. Cora Hackley is leader of the ministry.)

Jail & Prison Ministry - This ministry requires a certain type of person – one who can handle being “incarcerated” as he/she ministers to the inmates.  Pastor Rhim chooses participants based on your presentation to him 1) you qualifications; 2) your ability to handle the Word, among other prerequisites set up by the sheriff’s office and the jail Chaplin’s office.  To be involved in this ministry, you have to realize that everyone behind bars is not guilty and if they are, EVERYONE makes mistakes and the Lord is able to forgive you for all sins.  (Rev. Maurice Gibson is leader)

Junior Women’s Ministry - This group of young ladies aged 18 – 35.  The purpose of this ministry is MISSION & EVANGELISM.  In addition to mission inside and outside St. Joseph there are also opportunities to evangelize.  (Sis. Kiona Alston is leader)

Karate Ministry - This ministry is open to youth and adults who are interested in learning the art of Karate or to advance their current achievements.  They meet on Friday evenings.  (Bro. Kevin Jones is leader/instructor)

Mass Choir - Adults and Youth are invited to be a part of this ministry.  It goes without saying, every church has a choir and our church is unique in that we only have 1 main choir (auxiliaries are the Male Chorus and the Youth Choir).  By having this 1 mass choir we do not need a “choir #1, choir #2, etc.  The mass choir (including the Male Chorus and the Youth Choir) sing/serve on 1st Sundays; the mass choir excluding youth sing/serve on 2nd Sundays; the Male Chorus sing/serve on 3rd Sundays; and the Youth choir sing/serve on 4th Sundays.  All rehearsals are on Thursday nights except the Youth – Wednesday nights.  (Dea. Darryl Alston is leader of the Music Ministry; however, Sis. Hattie Wallace is President of the Mass Choir and Dea. Rodney Collins is President of the Male Chorus)

Maturity in Action Ministry - This is a social ministry for all of our “seasoned” disciples (aged 60 +).  Their activities vary based on interests and social needs.  Sis. Ernestine Randolph is leader)

Mid-Week Worship Service - Again, ALL DISCIPLES of St. Joseph should be in attendance. At this service, we have corporate prayer followed by expository teaching.  Pastor Gregory is the main facilitator; classes are 1 hour on Wednesday’s beginning at 7:00 PM.  Note:  Here you can/should tell the class about Pastor Rhim’s Epiphany:  Wednesday night is one segment of the Epiphany.  The Lord showed Pastor Rhim in great detail the necessity of teaching all ages the same night in only a 2-hour period.  From 6:00 – 7:00 PM the youth are in their respective classes (B.F.C.W.* [girls] and MOCA** [boys]).  Parents are also involved in the Parenting class – teaching parents how to teach their children at this same time period. These rich classes are both needed and necessary for the maturity of our children – we’ve lost a generation and the church has an obligation to try to recapture them.  Mid-week worship service follows these classes at 7:00 PM.     

Ministers Wives and Widows - This ministry is comprised of (as the name indicates) ministers wives and widows).  They are usually included in the deaconess ministry; however there are some who do/don’t participate in either or both.  Sis. Felicia Brinkley is President.

Ministry for New Disciples - This vital ministry is very important, in that they are responsible for contact and follow-up from the day you walk down the aisle until you are fellowship and placed on a district.  At their initial visit you are provided with a Daily Bread booklet (day by day bible lessons), and letter welcoming you to St. Joseph, and other important material.  This ministry is your constant contact/liaison for EVERYTHING you encounter that you feel you need assistance with.  They are not authorized to refer you to any ministry, but to report your problem to the Pastor and he will refer as necessary.  (Sis. Sheryl Walker is leader.)

Men of Christian Activities (MOCA**) this ministry is the brother to B.F.C.W. (Building for Christian Womanhood).  Here boys/are trained to be men; in addition, they are taught Christian virtue, how to dress, how to treat females, the proper way to dress, the way to carry themselves in public, how to speak to others, how to exhibit Christian attitudes, etc.  Currently Minister Ernest Brinkley is the facilitator speak to others, how to exhibit Christian attitudes, etc.  Currently Minister Ernest Brinkley is the facilitator.

Multi-Media Ministry - This ministry is responsible for ALL media here at the church; audio visual aids, microphones and sound system.  Each service and many main activities are recorded on DVDs, CDs, and cassettes and are available for sale.  This ministry is the ONLY income making ministry in the church.  Anyone may purchase DVDs @ $10.00 each, CDs @ $5.00 each and cassettes @ $3.00 each.  Proceeds from the sales go toward re-stocking their inventory.  (Dea. Darryl Alston is leader)

Nursery - The nursery is equipped to serve all children from birth to 5 years old.  They are not warehoused, but are taught Bible stories, Christian songs, and scriptures they can relate to.  The nursery is fully equipped and available during worship hours.  During Church School and CTU toddlers aged 2 – 5 are taught these same things.  (Sis. Christine Murphy is leader)

Pantomime Ministry - Again, this ministry is open to youth and adults who wish to display their talent as pantomime artists.  A pantomime artist is a person or group who 'imitates” accompanied by a sung narrative and/or music.  Since pantomime tells a story, this form of drama is quite interesting, entertaining and engaging.  If you wish to participate, contact Bro. Sir William Alexander, leader.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry – this ministry is the ministry that sees after the pastor’s secular and physical needs while at church, i.e. coffee and tea service for the pastor and his guest(s), special needs before and after preaching – water, handkerchiefs, hand towels, mints, etc.  Sis. Ruby Smith is leader.

Radio Ministry – the traditional need for the radio ministry was for sick & confined persons to be able to hear the Word of God.  Our radio ministry provides for a 30-minute spot on AM radio station WCGL, 1360, each Wednesday morning.  The broadcasts consist of a brief introduction, Pastor Rhim’s sermon, and a brief announced closing.  (This ministry falls under the Multi-Media ministry – Dea. Alston)