Service Times


The Children of God

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Assigned by the Pastor according to the need, the big brother/sister is a confidant who can walk you through whatever you are going through – they have the insight that can put you on or keep you on the right track.  The big brother/sister knows the meaning of confidentiality.

Mass Choir

Adults and Youth are invited to be a part of this ministry.  It goes without saying, every church has a choir and our church is unique in that we only have 1 main choir (auxiliaries are the Male Chorus and the Youth Choir).  By having this 1 mass choir we do not need a “choir #1, choir #2, etc.  The mass choir (including the Male Chorus and the Youth Choir) sing/serve on 1st Sundays; the mass choir excluding youth sing/serve on 2nd Sundays; the Male Chorus sing/serve on 3rd Sundays; and the Youth choir sing/serve on 4th Sundays.  All rehearsals are on Thursday nights except the Youth – Wednesday nights.

Men of Christian Activities (MOCA)

This ministry is the brother to BFCW (Building for Christian Womanhood).  Here boys are trained to be men; in addition, they are taught Christian virtue, how to dress, how to treat females, the proper way to dress, the way to carry themselves in public, how to speak to others, how to exhibit Christian attitudes, etc.


The nursery is equipped to serve all children from birth to 5 years old. They are not warehoused, but are taught Bible stories, Christian songs, and scriptures they can relate to.  The nursery is fully equipped and available during worship hours.  During Church School and CTU toddlers aged 2 – 5 are taught these same things.

Youth Enrichment Ministry

All youth, up to age 18, are automatically placed in the Youth Enrichment Ministry (District #5) after fellowship. Their activities include Church School, CTU, choir, ushers, drama, pantomime, dance, instrumental ensemble and the hospitality ministry.


We would love for you to join us!