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Support Ministries

Support Ministries

Benevolence Ministry

Provides assistance to  persons who have problems and need financial assistance.  

Counseling Ministry

This ministry is special to all of St. Joseph.  Many problems arise – in marriages, family life, chemical dependencies, etc.  A counselor is assigned by the Pastor.  ALL counseling sessions are kept private; the counselors understand the importance of confidentiality.

Education Ministry

Involved in all phases of Christian and secular education.  The Minister of Education is responsible for all classes taught at St. Joseph.  The secular phase of the ministry deals with our students in all aspects of their educational journey – from kindergarten to college. 

Funeral  Ministry

This important ministry assists our disciples at one of the hardest moments in our lives.  When a disciple, or an immediate member of a disciple’s family goes home to be with the Lord, the funeral ministry is available to guide them through all phases of the funeral experience; assistance with choosing a funeral home, assistance with choices to be made, and guidance in preparing the printed program.  We do have specific guidelines for home going services of which the ministry will advise as needed.

Grief Counseling Ministry

Oftentimes, the loss of a loved one is more devastating to some than others.  Our grief counseling ministry is trained to counsel, listen, and be available to the bereaved.

Health Awareness Ministry

In the event you have noticed a nurse sitting in the choir loft during worship service, she’s on duty.  Emergencies occur everywhere and we want to be prepared to medically assist our disciples as needed.  Many times their care has led to EMS units coming in and taking persons to the nearest medical facility.

Home Bible Study/Tape Ministry

This ministry and the Sick & Confined Ministry work hand-in-hand.  As the ministry visits, there are opportunities to discuss the scriptures along with sharing a CD, DVD, or cassette of a worship service.  So the Home Bible Study/Tape Ministry performs this task.

Sick & Confined Ministry

This ministry is charged with visiting the sick disciples of our church (in addition to the other mission ministries).  When people are sick for a lengthy period of time, sometimes they become depressed because visits are seldom.  This ministry ensures this is not the case.  

Social Justice Ministry

This ministry gets involved when disciples and their family members have problems with law enforcement, evictions, and other disagreeable issues.  They are commissioned by the pastor and acts only when he instructs.

Special Support Ministry

This ministry works with persons in the congregation who have addictions – alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.  This is a confidential ministry and persons are assigned to this ministry based on the pastor’s recommendation ONLY.  Their meeting time and place is not divulged to the congregation.  


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